Zareklamy Support

When do I need to enter my PIN

After a half of your payment threshold is reached, we will send your PIN to you via mail. You'll have 14 days from the date we have sent it to you to enter your PIN on your account. Until you verify your account, you cannot withdraw money from Zareklamy.

You have only three attempts to enter the correct PIN. After entering invalid PIN more than three times, you will see an alert informing that you have failed possible attempts. Please, request a resend PIN. Learn how to request a resend PIN.

You need to enter your PIN within 30 days.

Remember: You can request a resend PIN up to 3 times, so you have 9 possible attempts to verify your account in total. If you used all of the possible attempts and still you are not able to verify your account, please contact Zareklamy as soon as possible by filling the form on Contact us page.