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Create and manage.

Every user should know what ads exist on Zareklamy Ads. We have prepared a list of pages where you can find out about each advertisement that currently appears on our website.

We have categorized ads to make them easier to understand. Display ads are responsible for display. Social media ads are related to social media. Feedback ads increase activity by writing. Information ads collect the answers to selected questions. Personal ads will increase the number of clients in your business by directly creating accounts or subscribing to newsletters.

Each of the ads below includes a link to the page where you can find an explanation of the specific ad, how it can help you develop your business.

Display ads:

Social media ads:

Feedback ads:

Information ads:

Personal ads:

All of the above types of ads can be found on the Resources site.

How commitment is gained?

On our second website -, users do the job and get money from what the advertiser is paying.

EXAMPLE: Let's say an advertiser purchased 1000 YouTube Subscriptions for $20, so 1000 selected people (target audience) will have to leave a subscription to earn part of the $20. 1000 subscriptions divided by 20 dollars is $0.05 for each subscription. So, the user leaving the subscription will receive $0.05 deduct income tax.

This simple method allows advertisers to reach a potential audience based on interests, locations, gender, and demographics in an effective and modern way.