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Reach new customers and grow your business with Zareklamy Ads, Zareklamy online advertising product. These articles have been created to help you increase knowledge about our product, so you can create successful ads and turn your advertising investment into revenue. Just pick the path that's right for you to begin!

Zareklamy is divided into two parts that are responsible for something else. To facilitate the functionality on the website, we have created 2 products:

Product Explanation

Zareklamy Ads

An advertising platform dedicated to marketers and agencies where they can create online advertisements depending on their marketing needs. These include: display ads, social media ads, feedback ads, information ads and personal ads. The Zareklamy Ads platform offers over 80 different platforms where you can improve your PR image of your online business or any other social media brand.


Clients who view ads added on the Zareklamy Ads advertising platform. Thanks to advertisements added by advertisers, Zareklamy users can get paid for watching ads or performing actions, such as: browsing websites, creating accounts, shopping online, writing comments, playing games, filling out surveys and much more. For each ad added, we charge a commission, advertisers can achieve what they want, and earners can earn extra money.

We use different domains to help you navigate the website. we did it to increase the speed and quality of Zareklamy products.