Zareklamy Ads Support

List of pages that are available to every user after logging in (in menu order).

Overview - The main user panel, which contains 5 different windows with user's ad views. These are:

  1. Preview of controversy, spending and CPC in the last 7 days.
  2. The biggest changes - Comparison of advertising expenses in the last 7 days with the previous 7 days.
  3. Daily activity - The activity of the current week is shown according to the specific time and day of the week.
  4. Personal information - Performance of selected interests and demographics.
  5. Devices - Controversy of advertisements divided into devices: mobile phones, tablets, computer.

Advertise - A page with a choice to choose your own ad. You can find 56 different ads on it, which you can use on Zareklamy Ads. After selecting any advertisement from the list on this page, the user will be moved to the next page where the selected advertisement is created. After creating the ad, the payment process takes place. An advertisement has been created, but it is not displayed until the user has made the transfer or does not have funds in the account. Therefore, immediately after creating the advertisement, we redirect the user to the payment page, where can make the transfer using available payment methods.

Ad management - A panel for managing all the ads created by the user. You can completely manage your ads - change, add or delete. All information that the user provided when creating the advertisement can be found on this page.

Billings - Main page for payment management, divided into 4 blocks:

  1. Account balance, make a payment, automatic or manual payment and last payment.
  2. Shortcut for recent transactions - after clicking the user will be redirected to the Transactions sub-page, where you can download the invoice and see your advertising expenses as well.
  3. Shortcut to add a payment method - by clicking on the Add payment method block the user will be redirected to the Payment methods page.
  4. Settings of the transfer recipient.

Analytics - Preview statistics with all ads. The user on this site can find accurate information on how many people clicked or entered the advertisement, from what country or at what time.

AI Summary - A useful site for people with their own ads. On this page you can find all the recommendations regarding the advertisements that our system recommends based on the current ad settings. All information on this site are only recommendations - the user can apply or omit them.

Settings - A page to manage all user data. It is divided into three categories:

  1. Account - category, where user can secure his account by verifying the email, change the email, change the password, change the username, set the language, time zone, view user's Personal account ID or delete the account.
  2. Billings - the user adds the recipient to make payments to Zareklamy Ads. After providing information about the payment recipient, the user is more easily able to perform future transactions, while the overriding subject of payments is selecting the payment method.
  3. Privacy - simple management of your email, which is the choice of what kind of emails the user wants to receive from us. You can also provide contact details so that in case of a problem you can get faster help from us, for example, by phone contact or when sending an email.

After selecting one of the categories, the user will see the exact data we have collected so far on the Zareklamy Ads.

Coupons & Promotions - By having a coupon from us or from our partners, you can enter a promotional code for the ad, or for additional funds.

Log out - When you click on the menu, you log out of the account. If the user has selected the Remember me option before logging in, then the next time you log in, the data will be saved through cookies.