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What should I do to pay correctly?

Starting with, the user can enter the recipient's data in Settings > Billings tab, but it is recommended to do. After clicking, a window will appear with 3 available payment methods. Read more about payment forms. After selecting at least one, the person performing the transfer must specify the amount wants to transfer. The given amount cannot be less than from the list of minimum deposit amounts for the selected currency. When the person who deposited the funds has provided the correct amount to pay and has chosen the payment method, will be redirected to the selected payment method, for example PayPal, or the payment will be made via the website, for example: Bank transfer. After successfully payment, the funds should be added to the user account immediately.

To make a payment, you only need to go to the Billings page and then click the blue Make a payment button.

If an error occurs during the transfer, the funds have not been added to the account, and we have collected the money – do not wait, just Contact us. Within a few minutes, we will help you solve your problem.

We only make a refund in critical situations, for example when an account has been compromised. Without unjustified reasons, we do not return funds.

To contact us with this issue, select the option to contact us: