Zareklamy Ads Support

To make a transfer, the user must go to the page in Menu > Billings and then click on the big blue button Make a payment. After clicking it, you can choose the type of transfer from the available payment methods, enter the amount, and then click on the blue Make a payment button again. Additional hints have not been written in this article, so we recommend reading more about payments.

Each user after the transfer can accurately view the main transfer information – download invoice, view date, payment method and more.

We charge from the user's account only when the advertisement brings results, i.e. for 1 like, the user pays $0.05 and exactly the amount that is charged from the account. To be sure, go to the Overview page and the cost and clicks in the main block with analytics within 14 days. You can also check this by going to Analytics, which show you more about your expenses on a particular day.